Wet Basement Repairs- Weather is very unpredictable and can do alot of unwanted damage to your home.  Unfortunately there are multiple areas water can seep into including; floors, walls and joints.  Water seepage can actually be absorbed and pass through the concrete itself.  This is why some basements are damp, humid and have that musty smell.

Unwanted standing water will be dangerous for any laundry facilities to be used and puts all lower items at risk of ruins.  This does not only create an unpleasant and non functional area, but can be potentially hazardous to our health . Mold can be a result of this prolonged problem, it will eventually grow on almost everything including paper, cloth, and will cause wood to rot.  Mold is very pollutant and if constantly inhaled, can cause serious health issues.

To avoid this situation, we have trained technicians that have been designed to specifically come in  and identify the problem whether it’s a small leak or a large amount of unwanted water and offer a solution that is guaranteed to last.

Slagter Construction never offers a “quick fix” that will only last a short period of time before it happens again. We will take the time to identify the actual problem and go to all measures to make sure our solution is effective long term.