Foundation Repairs

The type  of foundation stabilization for your unique situation must first be determined if you want your foundation problem permanently fixed. Our team of structural engineers have the expertise to handle and fix any ofSlagter Construction Underpinning Job 3 your foundation repairs needed.

Foundation problems can be devastating and cause major structural issues from buckling walls to sagging floors, which can be very unsightly.  Regardless of your unique problem, our experts will come in to conduct an inspection and put together the proper plan to fix your problem.

Why not increase the life span and value of your home by taking the proper steps to repair your foundation.  Cracks in your foundation can be a potential deal breaker if selling your home and if left, can leave the structure weak.  Being on top of this problem will save you from further damage and cost.


If vertical support is non-existent in a current foundation system, a method of underpinning will be required to correct this problem.   This may mean the construction of footings, driven piling or drilled piers and stem walls. This will ensure proper support of the foundation.

There are multiple reasons that may cause a foundation to be an insufficient space to support the existing structure.  This may be due to poor drainage, plumbing leaks etc.   This can lead to cracks in the foundation, or possiblySlagter Construction Underpinning Job 4 for sloping or settling to occur.  To correct this problem, underpinning would need to take place.

It is crucial to the homeowner to understand this situation as well as select a knowledgeable contractor such as one from Slagter Construction, to fix this issue as it is critical to the foundation.